December 19, 2011

A bit of a glitch, in more than one way

I took this quiz to see which presidential candidate's platform matched my own.  Bearing in mind that the canned answers to each question leave a bit to be desired, I thought I should still get a fairly accurate prediction. 


Not only did it choose a candidate that I don't support (Michele Bachmann) - I am fairly certain that most of my answers were nowhere near her stated beliefs.  And to add to the ABC news provided comedy bit, this is a screen shot of my results - Michele is looking a bit haggard these days:

Even more confusing, is that I clicked 'play again', entered the SAME answers and got a DIFFERENT response.  I was thinking the Ron Paul picture in place of Bachmann was a one-time glitch, but no.  I got Ron as Michele, with Ron also as a runner up. 

I am not sure if it is just a ridiculously flawed program, or whether putting in the same answers and getting different candidates, within the same 10 minutes, is just a reflection on how often the media and the candidates change their positions.

1 comment:

kerrcarto said...

I got Michelle also. I like her, but not for president. Now that Herman Cain is out, Rick Santorum is my man.