November 29, 2011

A vast right wing conspiracy

The vast right wing conspiracy made famous by Hillary is intended to characterize the collaborative effort of Republican entities to further their conservative agenda and expose (or manufacture, depending on where you stand on the issue) the shortcomings, crimes and dalliances of Democrats...right?

It seems to me that the more vast and right wing conspiracy happening today is that of the Republican party trying to secure the nomination of Mitt Romney.

Herman Cain stirred up a groundswell of support.  Raised a pile of money.  Won straw polls.  Then some women started making some accusations.  His campaign handled it badly.  Very badly.  The RNC and any other number of conservative groups have spin doctors that could have fixed that situation before it ever became an issue. I'm not arguing the morality or the truth - I am simply saying that if the RNC was really interested in supporting a candidate that showed every indication of being able to beat Blowie, they could have thrown Cain a bone.

Now another woman has come forward and, while his campaign clearly had warning and launched a pre-emptive strike, Cain and company are still going it alone, in terms of party support.

Maybe Cain should consult with Gary Johnson about how to deal with the RNC cold shoulder

Even the 'Shadow' Republican party's major players (Rove's American Crossroads and Crossroads GPS, American Action Network)  endorse Romney without saying so.  Review the policy issues and press releases of these groups, see whose platform they most closely relate to, whose they clearly don't support.

If things keep trending in Gingrich's favor, be prepared for the RNC to flip flop as quick as their current favorite candidate. 

I am a firm believer in making your voice heard through your vote, but I have held my nose and voted, I have picked the lesser of two evils, I have picked the guy who didn't have a prayer.  Romney as a candidate isn't even worth leaving the house for.

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CenTexTim said...

"Romney as a candidate isn't even worth leaving the house for."

For God's sake, don't even think that. The last time a bunch of conservatives felt that way, obama got elected.

If I can ever come up for air, I've been meaning to post something about Romney as the GOP candidate. One of these days...