November 8, 2011

The unChristian-like behavior of devout Christians

Can someone put a name to, or explain to me, why those who proclaim the loudest and most fervently to be Christian people are most often those who display the biggest departure from Christian values?

Boom is the manager for the boy's varsity basketball team at her school.  Her duties include laundering sweaty towels, compiling stats, keeping the scorebook at games, manning the clock and possession arrow, and cleaning up after the game.  While we would normally support the school anyway, Boom's non-driving status ups our attendance percentage to nearly 100%.

Over the past three years, and last night in particular, I have noted that the Christian and Parochial school opponents bring with them the worst displays of ugliness.  Pride, anger, foul language, abusive coaches, loud mouthed parents.  The more exclusive and religious the school, the worse the behavior.

Last night, the opposing team's girl's varsity coach was given a technical foul early in the game.  By half time, the referee had walked over to the sideline, pointed to the chair holding his own coat, duffle bag and paperwork and told the offending coach, 'Just set my stuff on the ground and then sit down and shut up and don't get back up for the rest of the game'.

Fast forward to the boy's game.  The offensive coach from the girl's game is now in the crowd, yelling insults at the officials. Early in the second quarter, he uttered some insult which stopped the ref in his tracks.  The ref blew the whistle, turned to address the opposing team's crowd and said, 'I don't know who said it, but you need to leave.'

The crowd played dumb and didn't move.  'Fine,' said the ref, 'If you won't go, your coach will.' And he headed to the bench to eject the coach.

At this point, the crowd erupted with volunteers to leave, led by a woman.  The official pointed out that it wasn't a female voice, so her offer made no impact.  Our team's coaching staff was trying to negotiate and get on with the game, while the opposing team's coach was prancing around at half court, making a big show and shouting that he would just leave.

Ultimately, I think three men, including the actual offender, left the gym and the game proceeded.  Boom said that the opposing team's parent-volunteer score keeper turned to her and sheepishly mentioned how embarrassed he was.

As you can imagine, this incident did little to subdue the fine Christian folks from the school with 'Calvary'  in their name.  Insults were hurled from across the stands. The very loud-voiced coach could be heard giving less than sportsmanlike instructions to his team about fouling.  At half time, one of the officials took an extended potty break.  Bearing in mind that this was the fourth game in a row and that these guys had been on their feet since 4:00 (it was now 9:15), I don't think that the slight delay at half time was worth the Billy Graham-worthy round of applause that erupted on the other side of the gym when the ref emerged from the restroom.

The game continued with the Calvary crowd reacting to every point as if this were a world championship game, not the first district game of the season.  It went into overtime and they won by 3 points.  It was a great game, especially for those of us that appreciate close sporting contests.  For them I am sure that it has provided another way for those middle aged parents to excel vicariously through their children.  Isn't it sad that some people never grow up or achieve anything in their adult lives and have to pour all of their energy and emotions into the accomplishments of their offspring?

Our small academic-focused school is still behind the power curve on supporting our athletes.  One girl had made a sign for the boy she likes, which had already spurred me to make sure some signs were made for the rest of the team.  We play that Calvary team again next week, in their gym.  I think I will make a nice Bible-based sign for that game, something along the lines of...
These six things the LORD hates,
      Yes, seven are an abomination to Him:
      A proud look,
      A lying tongue,
      Hands that shed innocent blood,
      A heart that devises wicked plans,
      Feet that are swift in running to evil,
      A false witness who speaks lies,
      And one who sows discord among brethren.


The Whited Sepulchre said...

I LOVE it when then Blownstar group starts quoting Bible. Love it, love it, love it !!

Harper said...

Is it sarcasm or irony that I smell?

KatWA55 said...

I love it! Very may be that they're a bunch of heathens sending their children to private school and teaching them to "do as I say not as I do", but as a general rule churches are full of imperfect people with screwed up priorities. Maybe the churches are where they should be...