November 20, 2011

Take your daughter to a bar day

I took Boom to Billy Bob's last night.  If you aren't from around here, Billy Bob's is billed as the 'world's largest honky tonk', whatever the hell that implies.  It is a very large bar, with a decent-sized stage, huge dance floor, and an indoor rodeo arena, in the historic Fort Worth stockyards.  I think it was originally a barn, IIRC.  In recent years it has become more known locally for the top tier country music acts that it brings in each weekend.  Judging by last night's crowd, it is about one third meat market, one third tourists and the other third are those who came to hear the band.

We spent the evening in a private room, attending a charity dinner for a local organization.  I loathe those dinners.  Someone I know has appropriately dubbed these sort of events as 'dining for disease', joking that you could pick any ailment or condition and find a charity dinner for it, nearly any weekend of the year.

Last night wasn't so bad, it was a smallish group, by charity dinner standards.  We were still packed in, with ten people seated at each eight-top table.  Barbeque buffet, the caviar of Texas.  But even that was better than normal, since Cooper's is across the street and provided the main course.  There was entertainment and our guest of honor was a five-time Emmy Award-winning actress.  Best of all, each person got 2 drink coupons.  Since Boom is neither of age, nor very interested in partaking, I got four free drinks!

When our dinner was over, we decided to walk around the bar before heading home.  Boom hadn't ever been in anything more than a bar attached to a restaurant, so I had to explain that not every bar has a gift shop, museum quality displays and concierge-type service.  We looked around for a few minutes and could have stayed to watch the show (Jake Owen), but Boom observed that, 'Maybe this would seem more fun under the influence...', so we left.  To her credit, she had a bit of a headache, and the one thing Billy Bob's isn't is quiet.

I had reminisced on our way to the bar, that my friends and I used to quiz each other all the way down 35W, over the names and info on our fake IDs.  Those Billy Bob's bouncers were tough cookies when I was in high school.  My fake ID was someone's driver's license, a girl with similar hair and features, whose name, address and birth date I had committed to memory, in case I was questioned about it.  It was at Billy Bob's, circa 1987 or so, that the bouncer looked at my fake ID, looked me up and down, and asked me what my astrological sign was.  Crap!  Never saw that one coming.  Didn't get in the bar that night, even after, what I thought was, a great comeback about how my religious parents didn't believe in astrology, so I had never learned what my sign was.  

I was just a little disappointed that I didn't get carded last night, nor did the door man hesitate to believe that the 17-year old girl towering over me was my daughter.  I might have felt every year of my age, but it still felt good to walk across that threshold without being questioned.


InsomniacSeeker said...

I got to see Willie Nelson at Billy Bob's way back during the college years. It was fun.

Paul said...

Billy Bob's fucking rocks! I love that place! Next time I visit down there I'm gonna have to get my honky tonk on for a night.