November 3, 2011

Silver linings and Shiners

I am trying to find some balance with Boom.  It is her senior year of high school and I vacillate between being the iron fist and also wanting her to enjoy this last year of high school.

Boom is a procrastinator, giving Mr Harper a run for his money on title of head procrastinator.  It drives me nuts.  She has a major research project and paper that she could have worked on over the summer, but has put off and is just now really starting to work on it.  She has changed the topic question four or five times and it still isn't settled.  She'll be spending Thanksgiving break doing what she could have done during the dog days of the endless heat wave.

Boom still isn't driving and it pisses me off.  I can't believe it doesn't bother her more, the lack of freedom, the dependence on mom.  I can't believe I am still driving a 17-year old everywhere.

I know I should be more thankful for the kind of kid Boom isn't.  She isn't doing drugs.  She isn't drinking, despite my best efforts.  (We have offered her beer and wine with dinner at home, thinking she should at least get to know her limits before she heads off to college.  She declines.)  She isn't running around until all hours of the night.  She isn't failing any classes.

Still, I hear these words come out of my mouth sometimes, the words of some hard-assed nag, demanding that she do something better or different.  Her best friend (an only and late-in-life child, mind you) is prattling on about an impending Thanksgiving week vacation to Chile, a last family vacation before she graduates.  My kid has a slew of appointments and things set up for that week, since they are out of school.  I don't want to be one of those parents, the ones that are friends with their kids first and parents second.  But I do want Boom to have good memories of her youth, before work and responsibility suck the life out of her.

I think perhaps I should drink more and relax.  If she can't drive herself to college or flunks out before she even gets to that point, I'll still have her around to help with the chores.  Silver linings, that is what I should concentrate on.  Silver linings and Shiners.


Anonymous said...

Yes, drink more!! :D

InsomniacSeeker said...

Sounds like we need to meet in Thackerville for drinking and relaxing. :)


Harper said...

Thackerville sounds like a wonderful idea. I might be in Moore in the next week or so. Will let you know if I am.

InsomniacSeeker said...

Please do let me know. I'll come meet you.