November 12, 2011

The scandal every moderate person is talking about

I disagree with the headline, 'The Scandal No One Is Talking About'.  But I agree with the content.  I'll give this reporter, Dan Gainor, a pass on the headline, since he did some journalistic research.

The scandal he thinks no one is talking about is how the MSM picks and chooses what stories to run, which to bury, which to beat to death.  Gainor throws out some intriguing, and validating, statistics.
We aren’t even two weeks into CainFest 2011 and the broadcast networks have done 117 stories on him. One-hundred and seventeen? That’s more than a small war would get.
Actually, it’s 58 times more than a small war has gotten. Obama ordered troops into Uganda in October, before the Cain allegations came out. CBS and NBC have each mentioned it once since then. ABC hasn’t mentioned it at all.
I must admit, I had no idea we had sent troops into Uganda.  Why did we do that?  Well, to fight the Lord's Resistance Army, of course.  And our troops might end up in South Sudan, the Congo and/or the Central African Republic while they are at it.  And that kinda dumbs down that big announcement that all of our troops are leaving Iraq, if you ask me.  Blowie the warmonger, doing it on the down low.

Back to the Gainor story.  He talks about shoddy coverage on the death of a border agent and the connection to Holder and Fast and Furious.  NBC and ABC didn't even bother to cover Holder's command performance in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee.

The MSM has covered the Solyndra scandal at a ratio of one story about the scandal to eight about Cain's situation.

While some of us sat here shaking our heads as MF Global imploded, fully recognizing Jon Corzine for what he is...
...not one story on ABC, CBS or NBC has mentioned that Corzine is a Democrat, was considered an Obama adviser and possible pick for a top spot in his administration.
I'm not surprised.  'D's seem to disappear from the end of people's names when they are involved in any sort of issue.  But, if it is a republican, the MSM will proclaim it loud and often.

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InsomniacSeeker said...

No one thought he had sent military to help Nato with Libya until Qadaffi was caught and murdered. Now they are praising him name. The MSM sucks big time. They always have, but at least one of them would try to show both sides, but they don't even bother to be impartial anymore.