November 17, 2011

Relocation Assistance

There is a saying in Texas; mess with the bull, you get the horns.

For reasons unknown to me, my favorite Mexicommiefornia boy is taking shots at me and my favorite Hill Country boy, breaking the Blownstar code and portraying me as an Obama supporter.  CD needs to get a job and quit spending so much time in his parent's basement on the computer:

This isn't really CD, it's Toejam
I really can't blame CD for lashing out, he's a great guy stuck in a bad place.  Problem is, it has been too long since he set foot on Texas soil and purged his body of the evils of the left coast.  Living there is toxic, the liberalism surrounds you and infects your thoughts.  We know you can't help it and have to strike out every once in awhile.

CD might be moving to Texas, and is planning a scouting trip to look into job prospects and such.  Any of you out there that can toss him a bone, I am sure he would appreciate it.  CD has mad skills.  I have provided some photographic resume material for any hiring managers out there:

CD has bartending skills

Foodservice skills, as well.  Poolside, no less.

Safety officer, miniature equipment operator, beer taster.

Sleep lab subject and barber college guinea pig


H2o said...

Bwhahaha! You crack me up!

Anonymous said...

That shit is funny!

CharlieDelta said...

ZING!!!! LMAO! I was wondering if you saw that post. Neither you or kerrcarto said anything about it so I thought I might have gotten one in unnoticed.

I should've known better...

Nicely done on the Pantera trivia question, Harper. It's time for me to get creative.

CharlieDelta said...

Oh yeah, and LMAO, LOL, ROTFLMAO and BWAAAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHA on the picture of Toejam. It's funny, that is EXACTLY how I pictured him.