November 25, 2011

Recovery day

We had a nice, low key, run of the mill Thanksgiving with immediate family yesterday.  Those that might normally join us went other directions this year (there is a rant in there, but I don't want to think about it right now).  Plenty of food, even more leftovers and a couple of nail biting football games to entertain.

Mr Harper worked for a bit in the morning, and I sent him to Walgreen's on his way home, as they had one of the kid's Christmas list items on sale.  That is as close as I will get to a brick and mortar retail outlet this weekend.  There is nothing I need bad enough to risk life, limb and sleep for a discount.  This is a prime example of the degeneration of our society through the lens of Wal-Mart on Black Friday. Warning! Around the :15 mark, you start to see a whole lot more of one shopper than you want to:

Does anyone really need a waffle maker that bad?

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