November 10, 2011

More Stupid Parent Tricks

After limping through most of the soccer season, I foolishly signed on for another season of soccer, with the stipulation that I would play until the doc said I shouldn't.  I finally got in to see my ortho doc last week.  Secretly, I was thinking he would bench me right off the bat and save me from hoofing it up and down that damn turf each week.

No such luck.  He gave me some Toradol to knock the swelling down and see how it felt while I was waiting for my MRI appointment, but didn't say I should take it easy.

I didn't want to let Boom down, and most of the other moms on the team have bailed out.  Chickens.  So, I have the mom guilt working, as well as the team guilt, since they are several players light this season.  Indoor soccer is a lot like hockey.  You sub in and out at will.  The more depth you have on the bench means that everyone can rest when they get winded.

It also resembles hockey in the brutality.  There are some mean heifers playing in the 'Take It Easy' league.  Typical of female sports, generally, when we knock into each other, we say 'sorry' in passing.  Whether we mean it or not is best considered on a case by case basis.

Yesterday morning I had my MRI and then last night was our first game of the season.  Early in the game I kinda boarded this lady.  I apologized, she was fine, the game went on.  Later I kicked a ball that narrowly missed her face.  I apologized again and said I hadn't been aiming for her.  A few minutes later I drilled the ball right as she stepped in front of me.  The ball nailed her pretty hard in the knee.  This time when I said 'sorry', she replied, 'If you were less sorry you would have more fun.'

I wasn't sure how to take that comment, but it was said with a smile, as if she was acknowledging that I wasn't trying to kill her.

Two minutes later she tripped me and I executed a beautiful ninja somersault, coming right back up to my feet.  She apologized, but I somehow think that she meant to get even.

In a cruel twist of irony, I limped through the game without significant additional injury to my knee - only to come home and pull a muscle in my back, wrestling my way out of a sport's bra.


KatWA55 said...

That's a great story! Tell your ortho doc that sports bras should be considered off limits.

Paul said...

I'm impressed!