November 30, 2011

Lucky 13

I usually do pretty good on these Pew Quizezs, though I have been known to rush through them and miss one or two, from haste and inattention. Take the quiz here, then click over to the demographic breakdown and be very afraid of what it tells you.  I am embarrassed that women seem dumber than men, but not surprised that the older the and more educated the participant, the better they did.


CenTexTim said...

Kagan ... Sotomayor ... they all look alike.

InsomniacSeeker said...

CenTexTim - bwahaha!


Anonymous said...

I got them all right also. What amazes me is the distribution shown on the graph. Usually a sample will group around the average but in this case people are all over the board. Looks like most answered nine correctly but that's not saying much.