November 19, 2011

I tripped and fell on it, doc

Someone finally went and published a picture book of all the things people get stuck up their culo.  I haven't seen the actual book, but it seems kind of odd that everything in the x-rays is in nearly the same exact position and at the same angle.  I am sure there are some anatomical details that a trained eye will pick up on to validate that these are actual x-rays of different people and their rear entry devices of choice. Clicking through the Amazon preview of the book, I found the disclaimer that isn't fully noted in the video story, phrases like 'we paired with a graphic artist' and 'creative license to add humor and flair'.  Oh well, it's still fun to laugh at people that put fireworks up their ass.

I tried and tried to find an embeddable commercial-free version of this video, to no avail.  Okay, I really didn't try that hard, I've got four kids, with beginning of Thanksgiving vacation-itis, clamoring for my attention.  One little click and no commercial will have to do for today.

It is not my day for finding good video.  This book story reminded me of a John Fox comedy bit from the 80's. This is all I could find, some guy who made a video of the show being played on his TV, complete with crappy audio and him laughing in the background.  I recommend turning up the volume and ignoring the video.  The part I was remembering starts at 5:50.  If you want to watch the whole thing, the first line can't be heard, it is 'two firemen are buttfucking in a smoke filled room'. NSFW, obviously.

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