November 4, 2011

Holly Petraeus is a sell out

This morning in my email box, I had a lovely missive from VP Biden.  Signing up for that 'dinner with Blowie' contest has resulted in hours of entertainment, courtesy of White House email blasts.  This morning's email was titled 'Holly Petraeus gets it' and seems to be mostly a whine job about getting Blowie's nominee to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, one Rich Cordray, appointed.

The email drones on about how military members and college students aren't smart enough to make good financial decisions and need the CFPB to see that 'debt collectors, private student loan providers, and payday loan providers are properly supervised and that consumers are not put at risk of falling prey to the same kinds of abusive practices that helped cause the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression.'  Um, yeah, because it wasn't government forced programs and policies at Freddie and Fannie that had anything to do with that financial crisis.

I am quite used to this administration's continuous stream of babble about why 'we' should be doing one thing or another without them ever taking any responsibility or telling the truth about how we got here.  This email was no exception:
Republicans in Congress could be taking steps to grow the economy by passing the American Jobs Act. There is no reason why John Boehner should send his members home to their districts without passing a single measure President Obama has proposed to help put the country back on track. Nor is there any reason why the Senate should require 60 votes on these proposals. Republicans could be helping to ensure that every American family gets a tax cut. And Republicans should be working to protect consumers by confirming Rich Cordray.
I'll give you a minute to quit laughing...

So, what I am really torqued about is Holly Petraeus selling out to politics.  Rule number one as a military dependent, is that you don't wear your parent's or spouse's rank.  Sure, there is still protocol and respect for authority to take into account.  And there are those who abuse the privileges afforded by the rank of their sponsor.  Shilling for some bullshit agency that was created by the disastrous Dodd-Frank Act is embarrassing and devoid of integrity.  Especially when you allow statements like this:
Holly Petraeus is the daughter of a decorated general, wife of a four-star general, and mother of an Army soldier who served in Afghanistan.  I don't know if there's anyone who better understands what it means to be part of an American military family.
She just gets the stress and challenges that those who serve in uniform, as well as their loved ones, face.
GMAFB.  Holly's dear old dad was not only a general, but the superintendent of West Point while David Petraeus was attending.  The Petraeus' home of record is a New Hampshire property that Holly inherited.  Her 'Army soldier son' is an MIT graduate and also an officer.  Having lived on both sides of the Grand Canyon that separates enlisted and officers in the Army, I can tell you that I doubt Holly Petraeus, with her summa cum laude college education, flag officer dad and inheritance, has clue frickin' one, the stresses and challenges that are faced by the average person in uniform. 

If Holly Petraeus wants to help those in uniform, perhaps she could have a word or two with Joe or Barack and figure out why soldiers need food stamps to get by.  Figure out that skyrocketing soldier suicide rate.  Find ways to provide Veteran's benefits that were promised before those men and women risked their lives for our country.  Bring home the 250,000+ soldiers that are deployed to over 156 foreign countries.

Or she could just STFU.

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