November 5, 2011

The 53%

Denny posted a great photo of a soldier and his retort to the OWS idiots.  Here is my contribution for the day.  I have no idea who she is or where this picture came from (other than multiple posts on FB)  If you have more info on her, please let me know:

In case it is hard for you to make out, here is the text:

My husband worked on a drilling rig 12 hrs a day for 301 of 365 days last year in the heat + cold to provide for our family- The petroleum he helps produce created the INK for your protest signs, the STRINGS for your guitars, the contacts and glasses you need to watch your speakers, the ICE CHESTS that hold your organic milk, the black nail POLISH you are wearing, the rubber tires on your bikes and the soles of your protesting shoes, The TARPS + TENTS you are sleeping under, the CAMERAS you use to capture images of police brutality, and the port-o-cans you are demanding from the city. Even the microphones you use to condemn the evil oil companies, banks + corporations are made from petroleum. The pensions you expect contain 27% of oil stocks. So until you're willing to 
A.) Do my husband's job or
B.) Give up your iPhone for a goat + cotton tent - 
Go home you HYPOCRITES - WE ARE THE 53%


Anonymous said...

OUTSTANDING!! I'm tempted to post this on my facebook page considering that a bunch of my friends on there are libtards.

Anonymous said...

That's the ugliest woman I've ever seen. If something ever happens to her husband's job she'll sing a different tune. Hypocrite.

Harper said...

FU Troll.

She is a lovely woman, both inside and out. And she has quite the gift of expression. I imagine if her husband was unable to support her family that she would do what the rest of us (the 53%) do. Cut back, find more work and get by. Not squat in a park and live off the government teat while they cry about what should be given to them. Fuck off.

Anonymous said...

She is hot. Nice cleavage she got there...