October 6, 2011

Running Behind

Recently Mr Harper re-acquired the El Paso market at work.  He has been traveling there frequently, on a schedule that really screws with the division of parental duties and my personal schedule.  At the beginning of the school year we spent days figuring out the logistics of various extra-curriculars, my fall work schedule and known social events.  Then Mr H's company re-aligned regions and mucked it all up.  His normal travel schedule leaves me flying solo the three busiest days of the week.  While I bitch about it, the truth is, his absence makes me all the more thankful that his job usually allows for him to pitch in and help cover the 6 different directions and destinations demanded by our children. 

The combination of offspring based demands and; old high maintenance dog, new high maintenance puppy, busy time of the year for work, busy time of the year for school, daughter applying to colleges and all the other routine events, has me worn out.  I got about 4 non-consecutive hours of sleep last night.  Maybe 4 and 1/2 the night before.  Tonight doesn't look promising. 

Next week, Boom is going to visit Texas A&M University again.  This time, she is spending a night with the Corp of Cadets, a program called, astutely enough, 'Spend A Night With The Corp'.   Mr H can't seem to grasp the title and has asked her, twice, publicly, when she is going to 'sleep with the cadets'.  I get to drive her to College Station to drop her off.  She will check in by 5 pm and be done by noon the next day.  While I love my daughter and realize the precious gift of uninterrupted time with her before she is off to college next fall, the part of the trip that I am looking forward to the most is the night alone in a hotel.  No kids.  No pets. No whining.  No crying.  No homework that even I can't figure out.  No teenage drama to hear about.  No meals to cook, no laundry to do, no noses or butts to wipe.

Nothing like a little perspective to make a quick overnight trip seem like a grand vacation.  How sad is it that one night will be more than enough to make me miss the kids, pets, whining and domestic duties that rule my life? 


InsomniacSeeker said...

If you ever want to run away, come north. I'm a lazy sort of person, so you'll be able to get plenty of rest at my house...well apartment. :)


CenTexTim said...

I know how you feel.