October 22, 2011

One man's trash

This weekend we are having a little neighborhood garage sale. Out here in what used to be the country, we don't get nearly the foot traffic that a subdivision garage sale would, so we tend to band together once every year or so in an effort to entice people to stop by and haul away our crap.

Garage sales are a lot of work and I usually give more stuff away than try to sell it. I would rather drop off a box or two at Goodwill every few months than store boxes until we have a sale. Plus, if I can get the kids to give up a toy or two, there is little room for delay in getting it out of the house before they change their minds.

Crash has repossessed a couple of items and has perfected a haughty glare that he levels at people who have picked up something that used to belong to him. I watched a kid put a truck back down, back away from the toy table and get back in his mom's car, without turning his back on Crash. The only thing that is saving us from a full melt down is the promise that the kids can buy an XBox with their garage sale profits.

I really can't explain the things that do and do not sell, except to say that it is never what you think it will be. If I threw it out there just hoping that it would get packed up and carted off to charity, then it sold first. If I thought it was the quintessential garage sale item, with a low, low price to match - it will still be there at the end of the sale. Men's shoes are definitely the most purchased item, both here and at the neighbors.

One final observation before I get back to it; we need to quit wasting money on expensive and elaborate ICE raids and sting operations. Have a garage sale, they will come to you. It was particularly entertaining to see the nervousness and attempts to hide in the hanging clothes, when the police chief pulled in my driveway. Our town tends to use the PD as a courier service, since they make the rounds a couple of times a day. The chief was dropping off some paperwork to me, but stayed to visit and wanted to meet the new puppy, as he is a Dachshund owner himself. He finally commented that he better leave so the guy hiding in the dresses could come up for air. Good times...

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