October 30, 2011

No rest this Sunday

Bang isn't as demanding as some of my family can be on their special day, but his requested meal preparation for this evening has had me running crazy.  Corned beef and cabbage are bubbling in the Crock Pot.  Chocolate sheet cake is complete.  Potatoes baking, to be made into a twice baked casserole.  Pie crust is chilling in the fridge, waiting to be rolled out and filled.  Bang decided to buck tradition and requested a birthday pie this year.  The cake is for those who don't like pumpkin pie. Grandma is making the obligatory salad and yeast rolls.

Kids are eating lunch, then it is on to pumpkin carving.  I usually carve 5 or 6 on my own - but I just don't have the time or energy this year.  Not even sure I will do one.  But, the kids have their patterns picked out and it looks like I will get to help with some detail work. 

Laundry, homework, typing in my credit card number for a couple of college applications, sole of a shoe to glue back on, button to sew and a birthday to celebrate.  Costumes and candy tomorrow.  Looking forward to Tuesday.

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