October 8, 2011

Maybe I should just go back to bed

I am sick and freaking tired of of 'immigrant's rights' groups.  I am an American, through and through and appreciate that our country was intended to be a melting pot of cultures and nationalities of people that CHOOSE to come to America LEGALLY to become AMERICANS.  I have no respect, appreciation or patience for those who come here ILLEGALLY or even legally, but have no desire or intent to become Americans.  Screw you.  Go back to your own country if you don't like our laws or beliefs.  Stop trying to make America more African, Asian, Mexican or whatever the hell culture you associate with.

I talk about a misplaced sense of entitlement quite frequently.  I think that sums up so many of the issues with our youth, government and society in general.  Is there any place more saturated with a false sense of entitlement than that of illegal immigrants?  The mere thought that anyone, ANY fucking one, coming into MY country illegally and then thinking they have some right to claim public assistance that is paid for with my tax dollars, I can't even breathe thinking about it.

How did we get to this point?  Who are the leaders and legislators that have enabled this mentality?  Do they even think about how asinine this is?  Immigrants rights groups.  OMFG.  Would anyone, anyone at all, give the time of day to a child sexual abuser's rights group?  How about a 'people who have murdered elderly people' rights group?  How did our society get to a point that anyone breaking the LAW for any reason should have any sort of voice?

Nearly every day you can pick up a newspaper or click to a news site and read about some sort of criminal that turns the tables and ends up being the victim.  There are the people that get duped into buying fake drugs and have the balls to call the police and report it.  There are people who break into a house or building and get stuck and call for help and then complain about the conditions that caused them to be restrained.  When did our law enforcement get to the point of entertaining those sorts of complaints?

Someone I know owns a trucking company.  A thief, while trying to steal a semi from their lot, used a lighter to illuminate a gas tank, trying to determine if the vehicle had fuel.  There was, of course, an explosion.  The thief, of course, sued them for his injuries.  Who wrote the laws allowing this?  Who vetted the judges that will consider these cases?

I often read stories about the Gypsy squatters in England over at BMEWSThis morning I read a local story about a woman who rented a house to people that were trashing it.  After numerous code enforcement letters (which are the sole responsibility of the property owner), she went to the house, trying to clean it up and stay on the right side of the law.  Guess who got arrested for burglary?

Sometimes the world seems completely upside down.  Some days I think my America is too far gone to ever recover.  Someone remind me why I am willing to fight for the survival of this republic.


CenTexTim said...

I was channel surfing the other day and caught the end of a discussion on immigration policy. One of the talking heads said, apparently without realizing the irony, that "We should deport the criminals but let the law abiding illegal immigrants stay."

CenTexTim said...

This should just friggin' thrill you.

Harper said...

Nothing Cali does surprises me.