October 19, 2011

Local Occupation

Living near a town with two colleges provides plenty displays of youthful ignorance, and a couple dozen college students have decided to throw in with the OWS protests.  According to the local fishwrap, (which I am not linking to on purpose), there are between 15 - 30 protesters each day.  I am sure the number fluctuates based on work schedules, as one protester noted:
"...not everyone could afford to quit their job to go to New York or Washington, D.C., to participate in the protests."
Good Lord in Heaven.  What is wrong with these children, that they would even consider quitting their job to travel to the east coast to protest an ECONOMIC situation?  My dogs have better sense than that.

Of course, there weren't many direct quotes in the article because, well...
Not all of the protesters wanted to speak to the press, saying that if their parents knew they were part of the movement, the parents would be upset.
Mom and Dad might be a little more than upset, should they learn that 6 weeks into the college term, little Johnny is cutting class to camp out and protest something .  If it were me, I would be even more pissed off that they can't even articulate what it is they are protesting for, other than protesting for the sake of protest.  As noted in an AP story from Washington:
“When movements come up with specific demands, they cease to be movements and transform into political campaign rallies,” said Legba Carrefour, who has a master’s degree in cultural studies but works as a coat checker.
This entire OWS charade reminds me of a conversation with a teenager:

What are you doing?  Nothing.

What do you have planned for tomorrow?  Nothing.

Why are you doing that?  I don't know.

When will you know?  *Shrug*.

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