October 29, 2011

Let's talk about something else

(Other than that baseball game).

A survey by LivingSocial was outlined in this article.  As an only child and now parent of four kids, I am surprised that only 50% of parents fessed up to stealing Halloween candy from their kids.  Well, maybe not so surprised as the question was probably phrased wrong.  I don't necessarily 'steal' it, I blatantly take it.  Which is obviously what happened to me as a kid, since there were no siblings to blame for the dwindling stash.  My kids all ante up a Kit Kat or two, along with some Twix and any Bit-O-Honeys.  According to the survey, these are the most popular Halloween candies:
  1. Reese's - 43% of respondents rank it among their top five favorites
  2. Snickers - 38% rank among favorites
  3. M&Ms - 37% rank among favorites
  4. Kit Kat - 36% rank among favorites
  5. Twix - 29% rank among favorites
  6. Milky Way - 22% rank among favorites
  7. Butterfinger - 22% rank among favorites
  8. Candy Corn - 18% rank among favorites
  9. 3 Musketeers - 18% rank among favorites
  10. Skittles - 17% rank among favorites
Candy pilfering really isn't much of an issue at Harper House, as we usually buy the Costco ginormo pack of assorted chocolaty goodness and then have no one to distribute it to.  Sure, the younger kids made some treat bags for their class party, and the older ones took some candy to share with friends, but there remains a good portion and we won't have anyone ringing our doorbell on Monday.  Last year we had one family from across the street that came by.  Everyone with kids picks one of the tidy high density subdivisions to trick-or-treat in.  Little legs don't last long when it takes 5 minutes to get from one door to the next.  Plus, we've had skunks out the wazoo recently, which presents a whole different set of challenges!

Bang's birthday is tomorrow, a day often spent elbow-deep in pumpkin guts.  We'll post some pics of our awesome pumpkin carving skills.  I'm glad I didn't have my heart set on a Texas Ranger's theme.

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