October 14, 2011

Ladie's Night

I never really thought about it before, but I have never lived alone.  I was an only child and my mom was a single working parent for many years - so I had plenty of time alone, but I have always lived with someone else.  Parents, then roommates, then spouses and kids.  I was an Army wife through long deployments and then the years as a single parent, so I had sole responsibility and was the only adult, but still, I was never alone.

I guess that is why I am able to enjoy time off by myself without wallowing in guilt.  Granted, it's not like I just scheduled myself a solo mini vacation, I am, as usual, doing something for one of my kids.  I dropped Boom off yesterday afternoon, and other than a couple of texts from her and a quick call to the other kids at home, I have been left to my own devices.

It is a crying shame that I have grown up so much.  Thursday night in a thriving college town, I could have gone to a bar for a drink.  I could have gone to a grown up movie, something I seldom get the chance to do.  I could have gone out to dinner at a restaurant of my own choosing, with no one else's opinion to consider.  I could have spent the evening with friends who live here.

What did I do instead?  I ran a couple of shopping errands on my way to the hotel.  Then I ordered take out for dinner and watched TV.  Went to bed early.  What a wild woman!


InsomniacSeeker said...

Watch out Harper is on the loose!
I, on the other hand, have lived by myself pretty much since I turned 21. I still like my solitude because that's what I am used to.

Anonymous said...

Damn Harper, slow down!! LMAO!! Now that my kids are getting older I've been making a point to go out and spend more time with my friends. I did the solitude thing for several years because the kids were so young and the ex-wife in another state. And I found myself climbing walls on numerous occasions. And I will admit, I'm tired of living alone with two kids. Where is Mrs. Right?

Harper said...

Mrs Right is probably in Texas. Do you even remember what a girl looks like with a (natural) tan?