October 7, 2011

Forgot to knock on wood

I really should know better than to predict a future sleepless night.

I could have gotten to bed a little early last night, except for my procrastinating teenager.  I had her as a captive audience after the other kids were in bed and chose to force a couple of college application related issues.  Incidentally, it was fun to watch her pour her heart and soul into writing 3 essays, which included the optional personal essay, only to submit them and move on to the scholarship portion of the application and find out that there is a required personal essay with the same prompt question. Now she has to come up with another story of personal challenge and triumph or something.  Gah.

So I made it to bed around 11:30 pm.  Crash joined me around midnight.  He began throwing up at 12:44 am.  In my bed.  On my pillow.  On me.  Gag.

I got the little guy cleaned up and in his own bed.  I started the first load of laundry and then cleaned carpet.  I curled up on the couch around 2:15 am.  Crash got sick again at  3 am.  Ugh.

Luckily, Crash felt it coming on this time and met me in the hall as I came running from the living room.  I directed him to the bathroom, where he yakked in the general direction of the toilet.  Another bath, another set of pajamas and then on to the couch, because he wanted to be beside me.  At this point, I set up something resembling an old towel and trash can shrine surrounding the little guy, covering every porous surface within hurling distance.

I finally got back to my spot on the couch around 4 am.  The dogs let me sleep until almost 5 am.

I got the kids off to school and returned home to find that the horse is limping.  Shit!  I was really counting on a quiet morning.  At least Crash is keeping food down now and is in good spirits.  I just noticed some dried vomit in his ear.  Time for another bath.

This is the side of parenting that no one tells you about.  For good reason.  Maybe tomorrow I will get to think about things outside of my four walls.  Right now, I gotta get back to my glamorous life.


kerrcarto said...

You and Paul, puking kid magnets.

KatWA55 said...

Just puke magnet would be more appropriate. Don't forget the puking dog...

I love your blog! I read it every day and thank God my kids are grown and I have two cats.

Harper said...

I should regale you with the dog diarrhea nightmare that we lived through last month. Or not.

CenTexTim said...

Hopefully it's a 24 hour thing and he's just about over it by now.

Isn't it amazing how we as parents now do things without thinking twice about it that before kids would have incredibly grossed us out.