October 31, 2011


A couple of weeks ago, some lib named Ulli Ryder accused Herman Cain of minstrelsy because she doesn't like some of the things Cain says on the stump. Among other things,  Ryder took exception to Cain's joke that his Secret Service codename should be 'Cornbread', his comment that he wears gold because it looks good against his dark skin, and she doesn't like his use of the nonsensical phrase 'shucky-ducky'. 
Cain's wish to be called "cornbread" is also troubling, since it can be viewed, like watermelon and fried chicken, as a stereotype applied to blacks.
Yes, Cain is himself a Southern-born black man who grew up in a lower-income family, so it would be unfair to insist he's being inauthentic. But what is at issue here is how Cain uses these verbal tactics in front of white audiences; what Cain stands to gain from such strategies; and why these strategies seem to be working so well.
Ryder goes on to say:
But I see the very real and troubling possibility that Cain's use of vernacular, and his casual assertion of a desire to be called "Cornbread," may be ploys to put potential donors — many of them wealthy conservative whites with few, if any, ties to any black community — at ease.
And Blowie would never do that, right?
 I stand by my claim that Cain‘s speech is like a form of minstrelsy. This is very different from President Obama, who some say speaks "black" when in front of all-black audiences. In Obama's case, the use of folksy speech tells his audience: "I am like you and I understand you." For Cain, the effect is the opposite: "I do not look like you and I am not a threat to you."
Oh really?  In a speech to the Italian American Foundation, while lauding Nancy Goblowme Pelosi, Blowie turned on his own shucky-ducky goomba charm:
Obama made several other comments to try and connect with the Italian American audience, lamenting at one point, “I do not, in fact, have any Italian ancestry. Not all of us are that lucky.”
“I can’t cook as well as any of your grandmothers,” he added. “Michelle won’t let me have seconds or thirds anymore.”
Good for the goose but not the Cornbread gander, eh Ryder?  She should be eating crow (shit, can I say that?  Is 'eating crow' racist?  I mean, crows are ugly, black and annoying like the president, so I shouldn't say that, right?)

Blowie finished up his Jersey Shore guest appearance speech with this gem: 
“So all I’ve got to offer is a last name that ends in a vowel,” Obama said. “That‘s all I’ve got.”
Yeah, let's hope that's all you've got.

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Anonymous said...

The attacks on Cain are getting more and more vicious. I think he is conducting himself with dignity and patience. And we all saw this coming. By the time this is over, the left will completely expose themselves for what they really are: a bunch of race baiting warlords.