October 1, 2011

A Chinook-sized can of whoop ass, as needed

Yesterday's post about idiot parents raising brats for kids brought to light one of the probable reasons for my most recent school-related tirade and anti-establishment talk to my kids.

Bang has one of those teachers.  You come to her class on time and prepared (no argument there) and, short of bleeding out or vomiting on her desk, you do not leave the room during her class period.  Class periods are 100 minutes.  It is 'her' time, you see.  Students are not allowed to waste 'her' time.  Being an English class, there is a fair amount of reading.  In fact, they are finishing up To Kill A Mockingbird next week.  Bang is my considerate kid and, even having been given the iron fist full of instructions, didn't think that asking to use the facilities during independent reading time would be much of a reach.  Apparently, it was.  Not only was he told 'no', but he was taken to task loudly and in front of the class.  Care to discuss who is causing the disruption on 'your' time, Teach?

Bang survived to tell the tale, but it brought up what has become an annual speech/instruction around our dinner table.  It goes like this:

If any of my children have a bona fide need to use the restroom, see the nurse, stay seated, get up, leave a room, stay in a room, etc. - and a teacher refuses them, they are to respectfully re-phrase their request in a manner that emphasizes the immediate need.  If they are again refused, they are to respectfully announce that they will be taking the action anyway and will then report to the office all on their own.  I have reassured my children that I will handle it from that point forward.

I understand that there are kids that play the system.  Kids that constantly interrupt or never plan ahead.  It seems like more than ever, though, the number of teachers that don't stop to think about who they are talking to and what else might be at stake, has grown exponentially since my oldest began school. 

Do they not require educators to have some sort of sensitivity training?  Especially those that teach adolescents?  When a boy declines coming to the front of the room to stand in front of the class, couldn't you just give him a few minutes and try again?  When a teenage girl is panicked and has tied a sweatshirt around her waist - could you lay off the dress code lecture and let her go to the restroom like she asked?

I don't know what has changed about schools that has resulted in teachers who don't get to know their students well enough to call bullshit as indicated and indulge as needed.  Maybe it is class sizes, standardized tests or No Child Left Behind.  I suspect it is a hardening of spirit, having to deal with all the little shits and their helicopter parents.  I don't hover, but if you refuse my kid an occasional trip to the head, you won't soon forget your mistake.

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