September 7, 2011

Yet Another 'Who the Hell Are These People?' Post

Quadriplegic hit by bus sued by passengers

To be clear, the 'quadriplegic' wasn't a quadriplegic until after the bus hit her.
A woman who was paralyzed when her broken down SUV was hit by an Island Transit bus is being sued, along with the city, by bus passengers.

Marie M. Alexis Volcy, of Galveston, was injured Jan. 12 on the 61st Street bridge spanning Offatts Bayou as she prepared to get out of her stalled sport utility vehicle.

She suffered internal injuries and depended on a ventilator during her 19 weeks at the University of Texas Medical Branch. She is a quadriplegic and will require 24-hour care for the rest of her life, according to the lawsuit filed against the city Aug. 22 by her attorney, Shelly A. Sanford.
So, she gets hit by a bus, but passengers on the bus are suing her?  How can that be?  Well, enter Larry Tylka, personal injury lawsuit attorney.   Slick Mr. Tylka has sued the city, the quadriplegic and the guy who owned the SUV she was driving,  on behalf of two clients who were passengers on the bus.  Throw enough shit against a wall and some of it will stick.

The two plaintiffs suffered minor injuries, the worst being a fractured back.  Their case revolves around some sort of circular logic that if you own a vehicle, you should keep it in good enough shape that it doesn't ever break down.   If it does break down, you have a responsibility to move it out of the way and/or warn other motorists.
The lawsuit also accused Volcy and Guillaume of operating or maintaining an automobile that wasn’t mechanically sound. It blames Volcy for failing to move the SUV from the roadway after it became disabled.
This accident occurred on a six-lane bridge with no shoulder, BTW.

When, in the course of human events, did it become acceptable to just sue the hell out of every possible person and corporate entity involved in an accident?  When did our society become so freakin' selfish, irresponsible and lacking in common sense and decency, that someone being left nearly completely paralyzed isn't enough of a 'punishment', even if they are guilty of a crime?  How do these people sleep at night, knowing that they have sued a quadriplegic?

There is something about people who live near saltwater.  I think it makes them crazy.  Some are crazy good or funny, some are crazy bad and stupid.  I just wish the crazy good ones would take out the crazy bad ones.


CenTexTim said...

Scum-sucking ambulance-chasing shyster. There should be a special place in Hell reserved for assholes like him.

InsomniacSeeker said...

I hope they lose the case, and the judge orders them to pay all the court costs. What? It could happen.