September 20, 2011

They should just give them half of my pizza

This video is linked at the top of Drudge this morning. 

I know I rant about the misuse and abuse of welfare and food stamps more than you probably care to hear about, but it is in my face more and more each day.

On Saturday, my kids mentioned how good pizza sounded, since we hadn't had it in several weeks.  We have two go-to pizza places that we like.  One is an honest-to-God Italian owned restaurant and the other is Papa Murphy's.  The Papa Murphy's concept, if you are unfamiliar, is of the take and bake variety.  That works out for us on days when we are out and about earlier in the day - we can pick it up and take it home to bake when we are ready.  I think we share some common ground with other families in that pizza is often a quick meal on hectic evenings.  We don't have it too often (since the local delivery place SUCKS), but like all meals out, it is a bit of a treat.  (Treat = budget hit).

As much as I love Papa Murphy's, I saw red when we pulled up and there, smack in the middle of the door, was the EBT sticker.  My family negotiated away other budgeted entertainment dollars to splurge on pizza and some deadbeat can come get the same meal - on my dime?  WTF?

The video is funny/disturbing unto itself.  What took the wind out of my sails was the number of similar videos in the YouTube suggestion sidebar.  There is a cottage industry born of making songs and videos about freakin' welfare.  Shoot me now.

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