September 25, 2011

Pot, BASE jumping and aliens

In yet another stunning example of idiocy, Blowie's 'We the People' website went live last week. While I predicted a landslide of petitions demanding that Blowie resign, the top signature getters are much more entertaining - and realistic. 

If you recall, this site was set up for 'the people to be heard'.  Any petition garnering 5,000 signatures is guaranteed review by the administration and an official response. 

Look at the top signature getting petition, with 6 times the signers needed to meet the threshold:
"Legalize and regulate marijuana in a manner similar to alcohol"
Do you think they saw that coming?  Now, the first major flaw in this petition system is the lack of directing or requiring people to first check and see if anyone else has already created a petition with the same basic issue.  In these first 4 days of the site, the administration owes 'official' responses to five other marijuana legalization-related petition creators.

There are, as expected, the wacko petitions:
PETA filed something that is titled 'Stop Animal Homelessness at its Roots' which amounts to their demand for a mandatory national spay and neuter law. 
Typical lib reaction, to craft an overreaching law instead of focusing on the irresponsible breeders.  It cracks me up that they are against compassionate euthanasia of animals, but want to require that all animals undergo a surgical procedure.
Call an investigation into the allegations of prosecutorial and judicial misconduct in the case of Sholom Rubashkin
Though not very familiar with the case, a quick review of the wiki, and noting that the corporation involved plead guilty to a huge chunk of some of the original charges, as well as noting that the names Wasserman-Schultz and Jackson Lee are involved, lead me to conclude this is bunk.

There are a couple of 'remove Under God' from the pledge and currency petitions.  Screw you.  God can be whatever you want it to be.

Someone named Robert obviously is sitting naked in front of his computer in Staten Island, New York, fondling himself over the thought of stimulating the economy by forgiving all student debt.  To be precise:
Forgive Student Loan Debt to Stimulate the Economy and Usher in a New Era of Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Prosperity
If that's the best idea your college education could come up with, you should have to pay back double what you were loaned.  Clearly not an economics major.  'Forgiving' the debt may put money back in Robert's pocket, but he seems to forget that that loan paid for all of the things necessary to educate him - must be a magic money tree at NYU.
propose legislation that would make all federal election days national holidays to increase voter turnout
Okay, I promise to vote, not sleep in, drink beer, go to the lake, spend the day with my family...

I was unaware that the Japanese have a thing for American kids:
PUBLICLY press Japan for the return of Abducted US Children and provide transparent dialogs with Japan on this issue
There are several issues that are clearly a matter of national importance:
Allow BASE Jumping in National Parks
And, you knew it was in there somewhere:
Immediately disclose the government's knowledge of and communications with extraterrestrial beings
Hurry, they need 3,000 more signatures.  I know you want your name associated with this 

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CharlieDelta said...

"propose legislation that would make all federal election days national holidays to increase voter turnout"

Yeah, like these assholes need another paid "holiday". How about April 15 being election day? For any and all of these scumbags?