September 18, 2011

My Obituary

I was taken aback at seeing my obituary in the paper this weekend.  Well, not really mine, but that of Malcom Wallop, a former Republican senator from Big Horn, Wyoming.

In the mid-eighties I took part in a Model Senate program at my school.  I am not sure how the parts were assigned, but I imagine that there was some sort of randomized drawing and each school that was participating got a number of names adequate to cover their student participants.  When the teacher announced that I would play the part of Malcolm Wallop, I was a little disappointed.  I was a young teenage girl living in Kansas.  If the last name wasn't Dole or Kassebaum, it was completely foreign to me.

Luckily, the Model Senate process is to learn about the person you are representing; know their positions and how they would vote.  Senator Wallop was a stand up guy and, as it turned out, a memorable person to portray.  Wallop was a staunch supporter of Star Wars and I remember learning quite a bit about strategic defense.

Senator Wallop died at the age of 78 last Wednesday.  That seems young to me - considering how old he seemed to be when I was him for two days at a Model Senate convention.  Rest in peace, Senator, being you for a bit was a learning experience that I haven't forgotten.

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kerrcarto said...

Sorry to hear your dead. I will drink a beer in your memory tonight.