September 30, 2011

It starts at home

This video hit a nerve with me.  What appears to be a high school teacher has two kids squaring off in his classroom.  The brave man gets between them and speaks a whole lotta truth, including the line, 'Whatever made you believe you could...?'.

Amen to that.  Where in the hell is the sense of entitlement coming from?  Watch my nominee for teacher of the millenium:

Take note that this appears to be a pretty average, nicely diverse, well equipped, high school class. 

I have two teenagers, so I get the whole 'the universe revolves around me and my problems' mentality that permeates high school halls.  I'm not too old to remember the tension and excitement when somebody was going to fight after school over some perceived slight or insult.  Back then we had a decent amount of respect for our elders.  Enough to break the rules quietly, after school, in the shadows, in whispers.  When did it cross the line?  When did kids become so self-absorbed to think that they can interrupt an adult, highjack an entire classroom of kids, and put their ego-fueled bullshit issue on full display?

I spent yesterday with my 4-year old on a field trip to an apple orchard.  There were about 100 pre-school children in attendance from several different cities.  In my opinion, the display seen in the video above is the result of over-indulgent, inconsistent, materialistic, doting parents that have set no boundaries, expectations or consequences for their children's behavior.  In many ways the parents are just as infuriating as the little brats themselves.

I will put a spoiled upper middle class brat up against any inner-city, broken family life, drug and gang fueled neighborhood, sob story of a kid any day.  Guess who will most often be the most poorly behaved?  Hint: it's the kid with his name embroidered on his Pottery Barn Kids lunch tote.

I stood by, humiliated, while parents and pre-school 'educators' behaved little better than their precious little terrors.  They certainly never entertained the thought of correcting bad behavior, they instead make excuses about how little Johnny is 'curious' when he continually interrupts the adult speaking with his asinine questions and comments.

You could have peeled my lower jaw off the floor as we filed into a room filled with various apple processing equipment, some of it potentially dangerous, and were told to stay behind a clearly marked line on the floor - only to have numerous parents blatantly tell their children to move up if they couldn't see from behind the line.  WTF is wrong with you people?

100 kids, eight groups moving through the various learning stations on the tour, in what is certainly a carefully timed event before the next group shows up, and what does Crash's teaching team do?  They demand individual pictures of each kid at several stops.  All the kids had picked an apple off of a tree, but the teachers wanted a picture of each kid doing it for their scrapbooks.  Our tour guide stood by helpless as the preschool director and teachers lined the kids up by an apple tree and had each of them hold their apple up by a branch, recreating the act of picking the fruit.  All 46 kids.  I shit you not.

I love my kids.  I really should do a better job of documenting their youth through photos and videos, but GMAFB.  I would never stop a guided tour in its tracks for that purpose.

This mentality is teaching kids to be narcissistic, egotistical, entitled little twerps.  I don't ever presume to discipline another person's child, but am thankful to have a small circle of friends that share similar parenting styles and can be counted on to hold my children to the same level of accountability, and vice versa.

Video from LiveLeak.

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kerrcarto said...

Where is the sense of entiltement coming from?

The United States Government.