September 14, 2011

Divine Intervention

So last night a citizen of our fine little burg was making an asinine argument about how the town should know about unexpected expenditures in advance (yes, you read that right) - specifically in regard to the renovation of a forty-one year old building.  Apparently, some people don't get what a contingency fund is, nor do they care.  These folks must live in some sort of Utopia where nothing ever breaks, wears out or gets damaged.

To emphasize the point, the building decided to use me as an example.  Under each section of the dias/desk is a 3/4" laminate covered piece of wood - it is either MDF or particle board, I wasn't inspecting the damn thing - about 3' high by 6 or 7' long.  It serves as a cover for all the wiring for the sound and video systems.  I was mid-sentence when the board gave way and fell onto my shin, one good gash, then a scrape as I jumped, followed by a second gash when it landed for good.  The noise it made was significant enough to startle other people in the room.

Desk repair and first aid = Unexpected Expense.

It would have been funny if it didn't hurt so bad.  I didn't stop speaking, incidentally.  Lord knows I don't like to give up the floor.

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CenTexTim said...

Maybe you shouldn't have been pounding on the desk while you spoke...