September 13, 2011

Choosing names

We aren't getting much sleep around Harper House. Partly Whited's fault, as he bestowed upon us a lovely specimen of Dachshund this weekend. Whited deals heavily in the Dachshund, offering up pups as prizes for various games of chance.

We brought the little fella home on Saturday and he was pretty worn out by bedtime. We only had to listen to an hour or so (cumulative time) of puppy screeching.

Sunday night was much worse, as he was held most of the day by various children, resulting in a very well rested and used-to-being-in-a-warm-lap puppy that did not respect the silence and solitude needed for appropriate human rest. Last night was either an improvement, or we were so damned tired that we tuned him out.

A couple of factors came into play while deciding on a name for the newest addition to our menagerie. He is mostly brownish with a little white. He needs constant correction. He is trying to usurp the authority and experience of the established canines of the household. Unchecked, he would defecate anywhere. When he isn't getting the level of attention that he feels he needs, he cries. Loudly.  He was 'free' but we have spent several hundred dollars on him.  He has been over to the fence and admired the wide rear end of the chubby Scottish Terrier next door. So, we decided to name him something befitting of his personality and taste and call him little Barack.

Before Whited shows up on my front porch to repossess the dog for bestowing him with the name 'Barack', I will come clean and admit to making it up. Following in the grand Harper family tradition of all animal (and some minor human) names taken from the best Western novel ever written, Clara, Woodrow, Gus and Jake welcomed little Roscoe into the fold. The other option we were considering was 'July' but he seems more 'Roscoe'-ish. I wouldn't name a snail after the president, much less a dog. I respect nature too much.


CharlieDelta said...

I wouldn't name a butt pimple after the Kenyan Natinoal in Chief. That would just be an insult to butt pimples worldwide. However, I think if someone named their pet snake 'Barack' that would be fitting...

CenTexTim said...

I was halfway through the third paragraph and started shouting "barack." Then I read the rest of it.

Great minds think alike.

Anonymous said...

Cool Harper!

The Whited Sepulchre said...

If you had named that dawg Barack, there would be a trail of scorched earth between Fort Worth and the racetrack.