September 26, 2011

The $1 Cupcakes

Reading several articles about the frantic and demonizing emails being sent to Democratic supporters inspired me to click on over to the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee website.  I ended up on the 'Frontline Democrats' page, which is seemingly the top 15 Democratic seats that the DCCC is most concerned with keeping.

Click on over and see if you are struck by any similarities among the candidates.  Anything notable, or perhaps notably lacking among the field?  I am not talking about the apparently dismal fundraising efforts (5 supporters and $5,085 when I visited), but more general terms.  If they haven't yet rectified the missing photo situation by the time you read this, I can offer a bit of a hint.  Kathy Hochul is white.

So then I clicked on over to the Senate Democrat member page.  This is what I found (the members were listed in alphabetical order):
Hawaiian, 5 white males, white female, white male, white female, 6 white males, white female, Al Franken, 2 white females, white male, Hawaiian, 2 white males, white female, white male, white female, 5 white males, white female, 2 white males, 2 white females, 8 white males, 2 white females and 7 white males.
Where's that famous Democratic Diversity? 

Post title hint from the price structure at the UCBerkeley GOP club diversity bake sale.

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