August 12, 2011

Who are these people?

Someone prayed too hard or something and there was a brief disruption in our miserable heat.  Now, I am sick of it, my yard is dead, my water bill has doubled solely from watering enough to keep my foundation from cracking and I paid $122 for one bale of hay yesterday.  BUT, we were two days short of the record for number of consecutive days over 100 - and we have another 10 or more ahead of us.  The temporary break in the heat didn't bring any rain or lasting relief, so WTF?  I wanted a T-shirt or something that said I survived the long hot summer of 2011. 

Local news has been heavy on heat-related stories.  After reading an article about cloud seeding, my curiosity was piqued and I decided to do a little Googling.

Holy Crap.  Did you know that there are people in the world that think airplane vapor trails are really a secret government conspiracy dumping chemicals all over the United States?  It makes for some hilarious reading.

Who are these people?  I really had no idea that this conspiracy existed.  Now I am wondering if anyone I know believes this crap.  One of the theories is that the government is spreading a chemical that works as a sunscreen to slow global warming!  I wonder what SPF that is.

It is too strange to dwell on, but if you want a couple of laughs, go here or here.

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Anonymous said...

Um, I admit that chemtrails would be an efficient way to poison the masses.