August 26, 2011

Their punishment should mirror the crime

Have you ever noticed that parents who abuse their children by starvation have never missed a meal themselves?  I am sure there is some deep psychological explanation that connects gluttonous, obese white trash with their impulse to deny their children food.  Or they just eat it all themselves.

In this most recent case, in a two-month long streak of record setting heat, these two wastes of oxygen chose to punish, and ultimately kill, a child by denying him water:

Photo of murdering fuckwads from Fox 4, DFW

For at least 5 days, this pair of murderers denied a 10-year old boy water. At times they made him stand on an X they put on the floor, or next to an X they put on a window, with the brutal summer sun streaming in.

Some days they booted him outside to play in the heat, but threatened that he was not allowed to have water.

This boy and his twin were spending their COURT ORDERED visitation with their biological father and stepmother. As you might have guessed, this severe punishment had something to do with some accusation of some small wrong done to the stepmother's biological child. Of-fucking-course it did.

I know plenty of good step parents, plenty of divorced people that have done just fine raising their kids and spending time with them. Then there are these kinds of people. Everyone involved in the situation had been investigated by CPS on a prior occasion. When will the courts learn that every situation is different and unique - and it is usually the people that can't afford decent legal representation that get stuck with the 'standard' support and visitation, regardless of extenuating circumstances or the safety of the children?

Our court system is the least qualified place to determine what is best for a kid.


CenTexTim said...

Pick one of these - any one will do.

Sick fucks...

CharlieDelta said...

I like them all, but boiling in this instance would be my choice for these two fat fucks if I had to go from that list.

I would rather use the eye-for-an-eye system for this one though. I can't imagine going just 1 day without water. To die from it must have been fucking horrible for that little boy. I see no reason these white trashy specimens shouldn't meet the same demise...