August 25, 2011

Fair Weather Friends

Those crazy Vineyardians, they aren't so crazy about Blowie anymore.  I am really starting to have a little more optimism about the 2012 election.  It is comments like this that give me hope:
“I just have to say I feel really uncomfortable, because I love loving him,’’ said Leslie Pearlson, a real estate broker on the island.
And this:
“I think a lot of people in ’08 felt, ‘Hey, here comes a breath of fresh air, and maybe this guy can put an end to a lot - not all of it, but a lot - of the foolishness that goes on,’ ’’ Alley said. “But he hasn’t been very good at that.’’
And this, too:
She said that as a business owner she does not have time to worry a lot about what goes on in Washington.
“I want to live my life and I want all that to be in order, and they’re doing their jobs - and now they’re not,’’ she said.
She thinks another standoff, with Obama and Republicans blaming it on each other, would so disgust her and others that they would skip voting in 2012 altogether.
Dare we hope that these idiots will just stay home on election day?  ' a business owner she does not have time to worry a lot about what goes on in Washington...'  Are you fucking kidding me?  You think that owning a business is an excuse for being a bystander in our representative form of government?  You think the way to effect change is to let other people figure out who to vote for?  Where have we failed?  Is it education?  How can so many people not understand the concept of government OF and BY the people?  We won't ever get near what our founding fathers intended if we become a nation of QUITTERS.

Still, I would rather the Blowie minions stay home and STFU until he is voted out.

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