August 27, 2011

Down in the mouth

My 3-5 month dental endeavor kicked off yesterday with the extraction of one angry infected tooth.  The procedure itself wasn't terribly complicated, but my history with anesthetics is not a good one.

I've always had issues with 'getting numb'.  As a kid, no one believes you and as an adult, the medical establishment tends to doubt just as much.  It is how people like me get reputations for being a biter at the dentist's office.   But, hey, there is some validation in having the doc realize that you aren't just making it up.  I believe he was on the third round of injections when he hit a spot that was still quite hot - I jumped and he said, 'Wow, you still aren't numb there!'.  And then he called for two other anesthetics, explaining that sometimes the pH is different (or something)...

See, at this point, we had cranked up the nitrous to 60% and, even though I had my iPod, I wasn't using it because the doc had a rockin' station going and we were jamming to some Stevie Ray Vaughan.  Man, that is a fun ride.  I have joked with my general dentist that when the school comes calling for an auction donation for their annual fund raiser, that she should skip the 'free whitening' coupon and give an hour on the nitrous bottle.  There are a bunch of harried moms that would fight tooth and nail for that auction item. 

The upshot to the numbing battle is that it tends to last for hours longer than normal, since they use so much.  My jaw didn't start to throb until about 4 am. 

I'm headed back to the couch for awhile.  Ya'll enjoy your Saturday.

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CenTexTim said...

Gargle with tequila. That'll solve one hell of a lot of problems...