August 28, 2011

The Circle of Life

Boom is writing her first practice commentary for Economics today.  Over the next several months, she will write three 'for a grade' commentaries of economics related news articles that will be assessed by her Economics teacher, as well as being placed in her official portfolio that may or may not be randomly selected for moderation by the IBO.

The hardest part of this exercise, so far, is finding an article that is heavy on facts and light on opinion, so that Boom's commentary isn't affected by the slant of the original author.  (She found what she needed via Whited's blogroll).  Boom's econ teacher is (thank you, Lord) good at teaching and remaining moderate during class discussions.  Boom has not been able to determine his political position, which means he is doing his job of educating, rather than indoctrinating.  His love of Pink Floyd and Monty Python bodes well, IMHO.

As I have said before, this is where my ass starts to show.  Boom is a senior in high school, learning things that I either learned in college, as an adult, or never learned.  Some of her subject matter is well beyond my grasp, though, bless her heart, she doesn't immediately realize it.

Part of me thinks that this is all part of God's master plan to prepare me for that day, late next summer, when Boom drives off to college.  Sure, I will miss my oldest child - but it will also be a relief to be the smartest person in the house again. 

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