August 23, 2011

The Cowboy Way

Being a Texan, I appreciate 'Cowboy Values'.  I don't know about what is going on in other parts of the country, but around here there are some major trends that circle around buzzwords like; rugged, cowboy, south/western, heritage.  From home decor to cowboy churches, the Spirit of the West is thriving.

The Tea Party might have missed it a little.  While many of the ideals of the Tea Party, Libertarians and Cowboys are similar - the cowboy way might be a more accurate descriptor for people like me.

I am not talking about hitching up the wagon to go to town or rustlin' up the cattle.  I am talking about the core values of both historical and modern day cowboys.  An honest day's work for an honest wage.  A true community, where those with the means help out those without - but everyone knows who the lazy drunks are and don't feel compelled to enable them with charity.  Family that spends time together.  Children that spend more time in the dirt than they do in front of the TV.  People with common Christian values that they aren't ashamed of.  People with integrity.  When life gets tough, they pick themselves up by their bootstraps, get back in the saddle, and push forward.  People who don't care what other people do, as long as it doesn't harm anyone else.  Cowboys discipline their own.  Cowboys don't need to blame anyone for their hardships.        

This guy was on Fox & Friends and he makes some of the same arguments:

Amidst all of the ugly political issues in our nation, I think that our collective moral decay is the root of all evil. Decent people with a strong sense of right and wrong would not lead our country the way it is led now.

And on a side note, WTF is up with Karl Rove? Did this man not get the 'we all need to stick together to get rid of Blowie' memo?  If he can't say nice things about every candidate running against Blowie, he needs to learn to STFU.


The Whited Sepulchre said...

Rove and the Bushes don't like Perry.
Nothing more to it than that.

CenTexTim said...

Hey, I'm not a big Perry fan either, but I'm not gonna diss him when there's any chance that what I say might be used in obama's favor come Nov. 2012.

Harper - The Cowboy Way is, IMO, an extension/adaptation of The Code of the West.

First chronicled by the famous western writer, Zane Grey, in his 1934 novel The Code of the West, no "written" code ever actually existed. However, the hardy pioneers who lived in the west were bound by these unwritten rules that centered on hospitality, fair play, loyalty, and respect for the land.

There's several versions of the Code, but they can be aggregated as follows: "Live by the Golden Rule."

I wish...