April 11, 2010

Good Riddance

In 1989 or 1990, I made a vow to never give a dime to the football blaspheme known as Jerry Jones.  I almost broke that vow this morning.  I really wanted to go watch this in person.  Despite the claim that the $25 parking fee was going to charity, we all know that Jerry was profiting in some manner.  Instead, I watched it from the comfort of my home, where I could rewind and watch it again and again, giggling with glee.  I kind of feel like Tom Landry can rest more peacefully now, knowing that Jerry can't trample on the memories that Texas Stadium held. 
If you aren't from around here, don't be fooled by the collective American memory that was formed in the opening sequence of the TV show Dallas. 

Texas Stadium was not to be found amidst gleaming skyscrapers, cattle pastures or oil derricks. It's closest neighbors were a Days Inn and a massive CarMax dealership, at the crossroads of three highways, in a concrete jungle of industrial development. The glory ended in 1989, when Jerry bought the place, despite the championships that followed. The obscene grandeur of the new palace is more fitting to the current ownership.  
Holding true to my vow, I never set foot in Texas Stadium, despite my high school football team playing there, despite the lure of some great concerts that were staged there.  Mr. Harper used to be a season ticket holder, so he is a bit more sentimental than I about the place.  I couldn't be happier, seeing the pile of rubble that remains.    

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CenTexTim said...

Should have keep the stadium and blown up Jerry Jones.