October 23, 2014

Canadian jihadists

RIP Nathan Cirillo.  A Canadian patriot and soldier, serving a short rotation at a national monument, in what should be a ceremonial guard position - the sort of job that's highlights generally include reminding young people not to climb up on the statue, and posing for tourist photos.  Instead, yesterday, Cirillo was gunned down by a madman with ISIS ties.

And, Canada enters the fray.  Not that they weren't concerned, or involved in the 'global war on terror', but until the hit-and-run car incident on Monday, and this act, they had not suffered the sort of high profile native-soil attack that other nations have endured.

These acts wither in comparison to the horror our, and other, nations have faced at the hand of terrorists.  And yet, we seem to share a common bond in the blathering of media wonks that know just exactly why insane jihadists do what they do:
It is always stunning when a country that has brought violence and military force to numerous countries acts shocked and bewildered when someone brings a tiny fraction of that violence back to that country. Regardless of one’s views on the justifiability of Canada’s lengthy military actions, it’s not the slightest bit surprising or difficult to understand why people who identify with those on the other end of Canadian bombs and bullets would decide to attack the military responsible for that violence.
How absurd.  Is this reporter actually trying to make a 'they started it' argument to validate some level of understanding to explain the actions of a homegrown terrorist?

October 22, 2014

Let's make some money...

Okay you Pinteresty creative types.  The pictures below show pieces of 12" steel pipe with various cuts and welds.  These are used to test welders.  For every welder we put on a job, each of them will have tested by cutting and welding one of the straight pieces and one of the pieces with a perpendicular piece attached.

We have piles of these things that are usually just sold for scrap, or trashed in some way.  Surely there has to be something that can be done with them.  They almost look like something, already - I just can't figure out what it is.

October 21, 2014

Ebola Lies

I realize I sound like a broken record, but this really ticks me off.

For weeks now, we have been told that there is no reason to panic about Ebola exposure.  We are faced with a constant barrage of quacks on television condescendingly telling us the difference between panic-induced reactions, and the science that we should be relying on in relation to the risks of contracting Ebola.  

Direct contact with an infected person's bodily fluids is required, they said, and then proceeded to fill 53 barrels with the personal belongings of the three Dallas-area patients, and send them off for incineration.  

Yesterday, the contact group of the first victim was released from quarantine.  We are told that none of them contracted the disease.  

How in the world can that be true?  How did the family of Thomas Duncan care for him during at least 4 days of Ebola symptoms without contracting the virus, while two nurses that cared for him using CDC protocols and protective gear, did?

I have no trust in this government or their response to this outbreak.  My heart breaks for Duncan's family, as they have lost him, as well as any personal keepsakes from his life.  If the two nurses recover, they will return home to apartments void of their clothing, carpet, and other personal items.  How is that justified, when 'science' says Ebola can't live outside the body for more than six days?  

October 20, 2014


Oh, to have this opportunity:

Obama makes rare campaign trail appearance, people leave early
Wouldn't it be fun to have the chance to stand up, turn your back, and walk out on the current president?  Not many Dims have been keen on having the president appear at their campaign stops, and I would bet that Maryland's gubernatorial candidate, Anthony Brown, is second guessing his decision to have Obama stump for him.

The president begged those in the room to vote,
"You've got to vote," Obama repeated over and over at a rally for Brown in Upper Marlboro, Maryland, near Washington.
Democrats have a history of not turning up to vote in midterm elections.
"There are no excuses. The future is up to us," Obama said.
A steady stream of people walked out of the auditorium while he spoke, however, and a heckler interrupted his remarks.

I haven't really paid much attention to other state races, and the article mentions the comfortable lead Brown holds in Maryland, so maybe his close association with Obama won't hurt his election hopes.  I can say with certainty, though, that I don't have much fear of a Dim winning the Texas governor's race.  Even the liberal Fort Worth Star-Telegram editorial board picked Republican Greg Abbott, not able to find much substance or realism in Wendy Davis' platform.

Michelle Obama recorded a campaign robocall message for Davis.  Maybe she can parlay that into a new campaign song...

October 17, 2014

Dusty but no Ebola

I know I have been lax here, work has required my presence in the Texas oil patch, out west.  It is dusty, dry, lacking in amenities, but booming.

I didn't come up for air the first 48 hours, and when I did, it was to read a news story about yet another nurse testing positive for Ebola.  And this after she flew on a commercial flight...with the CDC's permission.  Or maybe not, as her uncle claimed otherwise on a morning news spot.

Today the rampant story is about a lab worker that handled Ebola patient samples and is on the Carnival Cruise Ship 'Magic'.  Nothing to fear, but, for some reason, the U.S. notified other countries, and Belize denied entry of the ship, and they are now working to get the woman and her husband off the ship.

Anyone else think they should just let that ship sit for a few more days, to be sure that the incubation period has expired?

I sat down to the evening news last night and got a 2 minute weather update, a 2 minute sports update, with the entirety of the remaining newscast slot filled with Ebola stories, along with a split-screen shot of the helicopter following the progress of Infected Nurse #1's ambulance as it traveled to the hospital.

I have said it before and I will say it again.  I do not believe that our government/CDC has any clue what they are dealing with or how to handle it.  If it isn't airborne, why transfer patients to bio-containment units?  If it can't live outside a host body for more than six days, why decontaminate and/or incinerate infected person's belongings?  Couldn't they just shut and lock the doors to their houses and not let anyone in for a week?

Schools are closing, cleaning, sending out warning letters.  Idiots are flooding 911 with calls.

I kinda wish I had stayed in West Texas.

October 13, 2014


People are beginning to panic about Ebola.  This is not meant to diminish the lives lost, or the families affected, in any way.  I simply mean to say that Americans now see that an infected person entered the U.S.  That man, Thomas Duncan, has died.  One of the people that helped take care of him has now tested positive for Ebola.  It doesn't take a rocket scientist to think about how many people could potentially be out there, infected, exposing others to the virus.

The now-infected nurse cared for Duncan while he was in ICU, when it was known that he was gravely ill with Ebola.  What about the bevy of people that cared for him in the E.R. when he was originally sent home?  

I ask again, why, if this disease is spread by direct bodily fluid contact, and can only live outside the body for up to six days, are officials doing haz-mat clean ups of homes, vehicles, and hospitals?  Why did they insist on cremation for Duncan?

I don't know about your view, but mine is that 'we' have no confidence in our government, or the government agencies that are tasked with oversight of things like public health.  'We' have no reason to believe that they are telling us the truth, are taking the proper action, or that they even care to.

I don't believe that Obama believes the danger of anything, quite frankly.  And, where other presidents had the intelligence to surround themselves with people who helped offset their weaknesses, this president is surrounded by people just as short-sighted, self-serving, and narcissistic as he is.

October 8, 2014

Skunked Weiner

Our little Dachshund, Roscoe, got skunked last night, right in the frickin' face, as I imagine his face was right about spray-height for the skunk.  And, as with all thorough skunkings, it happened right at bedtime, so instead of tucking in, we were in the yard bathing the dog with de-skunking stuff.

While his odor is no longer eye-watering bad, he still smells skunky.  Adding insult to injury is Mr. H's diminished sense of smell.  We put Roscoe in the garage for the night, and this morning, Mr. H let him in the house.  Luckily, I caught him before he got too far into the house to rub his smelly head on anything.  He needs about two more de-skunking baths and several hours of airing out before I will welcome him back inside.

Skunkings are always a major PITA, but there also seems to be a humorous side to each incident, as well.  This one was on Mr. H, who had a pants-soiling moment coming face to face, and then face to rear, with the skunk.  Roscoe wasn't coming to the door, so Mr. H had grabbed a flashlight to go find him, as most times he can be found digging around the gutter downspouts trying to get toads.  When Mr. H's flashlight caught two sets of eyes gleaming in the darkness, it caused him a bit of a panic.  i wish I could have seen his face as the skunk swung its hind end around to take aim at him.  Luckily, he got away before being sprayed (what are their re-load capabilities, I wonder?).

Roscoe is so distressed about the disruption to his cushy life, that he has been howling pitifully.  We warned the neighbors that, despite the sound of it, Roscoe isn't dying a slow and painful death, he is just mad about being relegated to the garage.  I tried to calm him down before leaving for work, I turned the radio on for company, and had brought a special antler bone for him to gnaw on.  The little shit was hellbent on escape, and in the process of me trying to slip him a treat, he made a break for it, causing me to bloody my knuckles trying to stop him.  Thankless little turd.