September 16, 2014

My funny kid

Yesterday morning, on the drive to school, the radio DJs mentioned the story about Kanye West yelling at a young man in a wheelchair, demanding that he stand up.  The DJs went on to share their own foot-in-mouth moments, and one of them shared that he had been on the air doing a live giveaway and he loved the accent that the caller had.  He asked her where she was from.  The reply, "Dallas."

"No," he said, "Where are you from originally?"

Again, she answered, "Dallas."

"You have a great accent, though, you can't just be from Dallas."

To which the caller said, "I have a speech impediment."


After we had our laugh at the expense of the DJ, Bang popped off with this:

"How do you think the unthinkable?"
By hitting an itheberg.

September 15, 2014

FOD - some numbers

Golf Count: 39 rounds this year, 196 during his presidency (using the term loosely).

Number of beheadings causing 'bad optics' for Obama: 3

Number of airstrikes in Iraq over the past month: ~145

American soldiers in Iraq: soon to be 1,600

Decline in students opting for a school lunch under Michelle's guidelines: 1 million

Percentage of school districts reporting a lunch revenue decline since guideline went into effect: 47%

Days until Obama leaves office: 857 days

September 14, 2014

Dawg Slobber

If you stop by here often, you know that we have a pair 1-year old Labrador Retrievers, as well as a rotund little Dachshund.

We are, by no stretch of the imagination, gifted in the dog training department.  Perhaps that is why we have found Labs to be so agreeable - they are pretty smart and seem to catch on to the way of things, despite the mixed human signals we give them.
Our dogs have a couple of fenced acres to frolic in.  Perhaps because of the size, they have never attempted to escape by digging or jumping the fence.  There is something magical to them, though, about the unfenced front yard (and beyond).  Between three gates, four doors and four kids, there have been a couple of doggie escapes into the front yard (and well beyond).  And, let me tell you, once their paws cross that magical line, something primal takes over.  If we weren't so terrified of losing them, we could maybe take a minute to marvel at their speed, their ear-flapping, tongue-lolling glee as they make a mad dash away from the house.
None of our dogs respond to any recall method when they get out a front door or gate.  To be honest, their recall isn't great to begin with.  Often, we have to shake the treat canister or jingle a leash to get their attention, and, even then, they tend to take their time 'coming'.
I have been trying to improve the recall thing.  I need to know my dogs will react to my command, should they be running hell-bent toward the street.  I have read what the 'experts' say, and am trying to employ all of those methods.  One of the expert training tips I see most often, is that dogs need to think that approaching you is the Best Thing Ever.  'They' say to make sure to great your dog with wild excitement every time they approach you.  I have been trying, really I have.  
Problem is, our Labs can't hold their licker.
I doubt that greeting them with excitement is supposed to include, "NO!, NO!, BAD DOG!, Don't lick me, dammit."

September 13, 2014

Football weather

It is the first cool morning of pre-autumn, with a temp in the 50's showing this morning.  It feels like football weather, though I prefer my football weather to be coupled with darkness and evening activities, not breakfast.  Apparently, peewee football must be finished in time for everyone to get back home, or to the stadium, to support their college team.

Last night, at our local high school game, all of the peewee players led the team onto the field as they returned after halftime.  Little Crash was elated upon his return home.  He really soaked in the bright lights and cheering fans.  While fun for him, I just don't condone how high we have raised the youth sport's bar.  I am sure today's inaugural game will be a let-down, as I have no plans to get into a cheerleader outfit or shake a cowbell at him.

My day starts with football and ends with cross country, as Bang has a meet this evening, some 70+ miles away.  His meet is being run on a golf course, which seems like a good cross country course, as long as all of today's golfers do a good job of repairing their divots.  Otherwise, my next post is likely to be from the E.R..

September 11, 2014


Last year on this date, I posted a photo that I had taken a few weeks earlier, while visiting Ground Zero.  While there are more professional and poignant pictures that would serve to commemorate this day, this one is personal to me, and still evokes that gut wrenching feeling that I felt while visiting, which mirrored the emotion that we all felt on that September morning, as we watched our country be attacked by terrorists.

I will never forget.

September 10, 2014


Anyone else feeling a little nervous about tomorrow?

I realize that the element of surprise serves terrorists well, but it also seems to me, that terrorists like the notoriety and emotion that is attached to the 9/11 anniversary.

I don't think it is any accident that the White House is starting to make noise about ISIS, nor is the president's planned address to the nation on the eve of 9/11 just coincidental timing.  I am sure that Obama is gazing at himself in the mirror this morning, thinking that he is assuming the mantle of the great comforter, or some such B.S., while the rest of the nation recognizes the truth, and visualizes terrorists laughing at our president, and planning their infiltration and attacks.

The president isn't expected to announce any actual plan, or military action in his speech tonight.  Instead, insiders indicate that it will be more of a sales pitch to the nation, and the international community, trying to rally support and a coalition of nations, to address the threats in Syria.

In other words, another broadcast announcement that we aren't really ready to do anything about it yet, but, By God, we sure are thinking about it.

I wonder if Obama understands that to properly employ the Big Stick ideology, you can't have previously admitted that you don't have a plan.

September 8, 2014


I realize I am late today.  Sorry, life keeps getting in the way of blogging.

And, a few weeks ago I mentioned how tired I was of political matters.  Obama stinks, and pointing it out week after week is tiring, but FOD is still very much 'celebrated' in my home each Monday.

Here is an upbeat FOD topic:
Political opposites turned friends, former Presidents Bill Clinton and George W. Bush launched a new scholars program at four presidential centers with an opening act that might have been mistaken for a comedy routine...

The 42nd and 43rd presidents joined together to announce the Presidential Leadership Scholars program, a partnership between the Clinton, Bush, George H.W. Bush and Lyndon B. Johnson presidential centers. At a time of partisanship and gridlock, both presidents said they hoped the scholars program would attract people in business, public service and the military interested in learning about presidential decision-making and applying it to their own careers.
Clinton revealed that he and Bush would speak twice a year during Bush's second term, 30-to-45 minute conversations about policy and politics. While they didn't always agree, Clinton said he never talked about their discussions and said the talks "meant a lot to me." 
Two men, with both faults and successes, both recognizing that their unique shared experience as president could lead to shared ideas and positive programs for society.

Obama doesn't give two shits about the American people.  And, I really can't foresee any living former presidents that would want to have any sort of relationship with him.  Heck, at this point, even Carter recognizes what a pariah Obama is and wouldn't want to tarnish his reputation by hanging out with him.